Whether you believe it or not, the right job exists for you

Our experience has proved to us that everyone can bounce back successfully.

During this particularly sensitive period, every day, every contact, every decision, every message, every mood …can play a deciding role in achieving your goals. We strive for excellence in developing innovative networking and communication strategies, enabling you to motivate, convince and make a difference.

Because we know how it feels, we provide you with a team of experts concentrating on 7 key areas:

  • Individual and customised coaching adapted to your unique personal situation to build your professional project and research strategy.

  • The opportunity for development coaching to overcome preconceived ideas and experiment with new behaviour. During your job search as well as when you start your new job or launch a new activity.

  • Pro-active marketing of your image on the web – optimising your visibility via social networks.

  • 12 intensive training modules to mobilize your energy and be convincing in high stake situations.

  • The Freeze Framer method for managing stress from the HearthMath Institute of California, to have a winning attitude day after day

  • Privileged access to members of our Executive Club through our Extranet.

  • An optimistic and creative mindset to help you to help you toward a fulfilling life where opportunity and experience are in unison.

Following 10 years of accompanying our clients through professional transitions, the average length of search is 8 months, with a growing proportion of new business ventures every year.

Our clients tell us that beyond achieving results, they have also gone through a personal and professional growth experience which has had a lasting impact on their career.