Version Originale, is first and foremost a team. Men and women, united by a common creed “each and every one of us has unexploited resources within ourselves, waiting to be revealed in order to fulfil our heart’s desire » They have chosen to share their energy and experience, coming together to propose a common vision of their profession.


All the consultants at Version Originale have solid practical experience in their professional field. Joining us from the business world, they have all held operational management positions Each completes more than 700 hours of individual face-to-face time every year. They participate in every facet of our business: Individual Coaching, Outplacement, Team Building and Management Training. It is this combination of know-how, experience and individual differences, which enable them to accompany executives and their teams towards success.



The consultant coaches of Version Originale help their clients based on a simple but effective principle: build on what is best in each of us. The individual or the team can then fully achieve their potential. Rather than proclaiming grand principles or imposing our ideals we promote listening and dialogue and we set high standards in order to reveal individual and collective talents, helping each person or team to follow through to the finalization of their projects.

This shared commitment is demonstrated by a humanistic, welcoming and personalised approach …