A journey
named desire…

Change has become the norm and constant reorganisation means that we are all confronted with greater and faster transformations of the work place

To help each of us manage the resulting tension and take control of our own destiny, Version Originale’s coaches propose a welcoming space for reflection and action planning. This area includes career assessment and individual career coaching, workshops and specific programmes to develop the employability of senior staff

• Individual career assessment

Each individual is a unique being with his or her own convictions, doubts, desires, dreams and untapped potential. Version Originale’s career assessment is not just a survey of competencies. The reality of your environment is taken into account and put in perspective in order to produce concrete actions.

An approach which combines the major steps of a career assessment with the dynamics of coaching in order to increase awareness and make sense of the future.

• Programmes for mobility

Career development coaching for managers
Through our “Devenir” programme we help companies set up a mobilising approach for experienced managers and senior employees. « Devenir » is part of a global approach which ranges from setting up initial communication to measuring results over time.

For HR and Senior Managers :
In-house training programmes
Successfully conduct mid-career review meetings:

  • Prepares HR Managers for a coaching role with senior staff.
  • Helps them to develop the right reflexes when conducting reviews for the different phases of their career. .
  • Ensures the implementation of good practices and Perpetuates/ them..
  • Promotes individual responsibility.

For all staff :
Workshops, brain-storming, in-house programmes
Become an actor of your professional future

  • Harness your energy
  • Develop your employability by capitalising on the best of your experience.
  • Confidently approach mid- career reviews with your HR and/or Senior Managers