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and human adventure …


Version Originale is launched

  • 13 consultants " Syntec Certified Coaches "
  • More than 1500 individual clients coached
  • 300 company clients
  • Partner of the Do It Group
  • Actively engaged in the Syntec Professional Evolution organisation in order to contribute to the development and the deontology of the professionr

"Coach Heart Math 1-on-1" Certification and approved supplier : stress management and performance programme.


Setting up of the " Devenir " programme,
professional mobility for senior staff. Within the context of the " Plan Senior " established by the government as from January 1st 2010, we propose " Devenir " : An approach which can be adapted to the specific needs of the companies concerned : conducting mid-career interviews, training senior staff, managers and HR professionals …


Arrival in Neuilly sur Seine : A team of five consultants.


Conception and launch of our extranet: the "Second Office" for our Outplacement clients.


Creation of the "Live Coaching " event : experience a coaching session in real time.


Creation of the inter-company seminar " Attitude Coach ": a training programme in the coaching posture for HR business partners and experienced managers.


Development of a specific approach
" Teambuilding and cohesion ".


Creation of the A.I.D.E.R®: method :
our operational approach to individual Coaching.


Creation of Do It Evolution within the Do It Group in Boulogne-Billancourt.